On-Site Waste Water Disposal Systems (Septic Systems)



A septic system is an efficient, self-contained, underground waste water treatment system.




Septic systems treat and dispose of household waste water on site.  They are economical in rural areas where lot sizes are larger and houses are spaced widely apart.  Septic systems are simple in design, using natural processes to treat the waste water on site, usually in a homeowner's backyard. Hood River County Environmental Health conducts Site Evaluations and issues permits for all systems producing less than 2500 gallons of waste water per day.  Larger systems are permitted directly by the Oregon State Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).  A permit is required before beginning any construction, alteration, or repair of a system or any part thereof.

For information or questions please contact:

Mike Matthews, REHS, Supervisor
Hood River County Environmental Health
1109 June Street
Hood River, OR 97031
Office:  541-387-7129
Fax:      541-386-9181
Attached Document or FileHood River County WebMap - Online Parcel Viewer  Interactive & Layered Map of Hood River County
Attached Document or FileOregon State DEQ, Onsite Wastewater Management Program  
Attached Document or FileOregon Septic Smart  
Attached Document or FileOregon Onsite Wastewater Association  CEU/Training Opportunities
Attached Document or FileExisting System Evaluation Report for Onsite Wastewater Systems  For system evaluators.
Attached Document or FileEPA: United States Environmental Protection Agency  Nearly one in four households in the United States depends on an individual septic system (also referred to as an onsite system) or small community cluster system to treat their wastewater.
Attached Document or FileUS EPA SepticSmart  
Attached Document or FileSearch For Licensed Installers & Pumpers  
Attached Document or FileInstaller and Maintenance Provider Certification  Installers: under OAR 340-071-0650 a person who supervises or is responsible for construction or installation of onsite systems must be a certified and licensed installer unless the person is the permittee for construction or installation of the system or the permittee's regular employee.
Attached Document or FileAnnual ATT Reporting Form  
Attached Document or FileWaste Water Rules (OAR: 340-071 & 73)  Links to State Rules and Statues
Attached Document or FileWastewater Permit – DEQ Program Application - *.PDF  Return to our office with the appropriate fee.
Attached Document or FileFillable- Wastewater Permit – DEQ Program Application - *.DOC  Return to our office with the appropriate fee.
Attached Document or FileBuying or Selling a Home with a Septic System  
Attached Document or FileLand Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS)  WHAT IS A LUCS? The Land Use Compatibility Statement is the process used by the DEQ to determine whether DEQ permits and other approvals affecting land use are consistent with local government comprehensive plans.
Attached Document or FileNotice Authorizing Representative  
Attached Document or FilePermit Guide  
Attached Document or FileSite Evaluation Guide  
Attached Document or FileFact Sheet Test Pit Prep  How to dig the pits
Attached Document or FileFinal Inspection Request  
Attached Document or FileHomeowner Septic Guide  
Attached Document or FileDo's & Dont's  
Attached Document or FileLo que no hacer cuando se usa un tanque séptico  
Attached Document or FileWastewater_Design_Firms  
Attached Document or FileSeptic System Checklist  
Attached Document or FileSeptic Repair Loan Program  
Attached Document or FileSame Owner Easement Form  
Attached Document or FileDifferent Owner Easement Form  
Attached Document or FileWater and Septic precautions during and After Floods  
Attached Document or FileLow Interest Loans for Septic Repairs  
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