Tourist Facilities:

Includes any accommodation (hotel/motel, etc.), hostel, picnic park, recreation park, and organizational camps per ORS: 446.310(11)

These facilities require formal licensing by Hood River County Environmental Health.

Travelers' Accommodations are inspected bi-annually (every other year).  Organizational camps and RV Parks are inspected semi-annually (twice per year).  Bed & Breakfasts are inspected annually.  As well, Hood River County Health Department is responsible for licensing and inspecting outdoor mass public gatherings per ORS: 433.  The recent ‘Rainbow Gathering’ in Skamania County over the 2011 4th of July holiday weekend is an example of this type of event.


Anyone is welcome to view these inspection reports.  While no appointment is necessary, to ensure that we are available to assist you, contact us at  541-386-6885 to insure someone will be here to help you.

Please contact our office if you are planning to open one of these types of facilities or hold an outdoor 'mass gathering' event.

Attached Document or FileOHA: Public Pools and Tourist Facilities Program  The Oregon Health Authority Public Pool and Tourist Facility Program works in partnership with local health departments, the recreation and tourist industry and the public to reduce the risk of waterborne illness and injury at public facilities. The program provides technical assistance, training, and education; coordinates rulemaking; and oversees the field inspection system.
Attached Document or FileTravelers’ Accommodation Rules (OAR: 333-029)  
Attached Document or FileRV Park Rules (OAR: 333-031)  
Attached Document or FilePlumbing Code Annex for RV Parks  'Part E' of the Document (page 3 of 8, page #211)
Attached Document or FileOrganizational Camp Rules (OAR: 333-030)  
Attached Document or FileBed & Breakfast Rules (OAR: 333-170)  
Attached Document or FileOutdoor Mass Gatherings Rules (OAR: 333-039)  
Attached Document or FileEPA, Bed Bug Information  
Attached Document or FileORS: 446  Manufactured Dwellings and Structures; Parks; Tourist Facilities; Ownership Records; Dealers and Dealerships
Attached Document or FileCDC_Bed_Bug_Pesticide_Health_Advisory (pdf)  
Attached Document or FileToilet & Holding Tank Estimator:  Event Restroom Estimations: number of portable restrooms required for special events; Locations and commercial and residential building sites; Holding tank capacity required for remote locations, and special events per site or location.
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