Additional Information - Forest Products and Permits
Yarder used on highlead unit
Yarder used on highlead unit

A permit is required for the removal of any forest product. 

Contact the Forestry Office for items not listed below.

Permits Available:

Flat Rock:  3 sites accessible;  Maximum of 2 pickup loads in a calendar year.

Firewood Permits & Season: Personal use permits only $5.00/cord, two cord min. and 5 cord max.     

Logger felling tree
Logger felling tree



LEVEL III OR IV                  





GPS Technology used in sale preparation
GPS Technology used in sale preparation
Cutting open as of Tuesday, September 19, 2017 noon. Forest Roads also open as of Tuesday, September 19, 2017 noon.


Reminder: No firewood cutting past 1:00 pm during Regulated Use Closure no matter what the IFP level is. 

Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) can be determined at the following Oregon Department of Forestry Link or by calling The Dalles Unit Office (541) 296-4626 or the Mt Hood Guard Station (541) 352-6303


Attached Document or FileODF - IFP Level  Oregon Fire Restrictions and Closure Information
2017 Firewood Cutting Areas Packet - 3

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

This is the second packet of information for the current year fire wood cutting.  There are now 3 areas to cut from.

Just as a reminder, NO wood cutting when the Oregon Department of Forestry fire level is a III or IV.  No permits will be sold during closure periods.

NEW fire watch regulations:

IFPL   I   -   1 hour fire watch

IFPL  II   -   3 hour fire watch

IFPL  III   -   No wood cutting

IFPL   IV  -  No wood cutting

When ODF enacts Regulated Use(RU) Closure, there is NO wood cutting between the hours of 1:00 pm and 8:00 pm daily.

Call 541-352-6303 for a recording of the current IFPL-RU status.

Have a Safe Season!

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