Food, Pool and Lodging Health and Safety:

Attached Document or FileFacility Inspection Summaries  This is a link to an outside web-portal. Hood River County Health Department is not responsible for the content of this web-site. Only inspection summaries are available; only inspections occurring after 4/1/17 will appear; there is a 2-week delay before inspections are posted. For complete versions of inspection reports, contact our office directly.
Attached Document or FileFood Handler Training  
Attached Document or FileOregon Health Authority: Healthy Environments  Program group that oversees the 'Foodborne Illness Prevention' and 'Public Pool and Tourist Facilities' sections.
Attached Document or FileOAR: 333-012: Procedural Rules  Performance of the Authority, Responsibilities, and Functions of the Administrator of the Public Health Division Relating to Traveler's Accommodations, Recreation Parks, Organizational Camps, Swimming Pools, Bath Houses, Food Service Facilities, Mobile Units, and Vending Machines
Attached Document or FileSB: 631 is effective on 1/1/14  New Licensing Requirements for Government Entities
Attached Document or FileFood Safety During a Power Outage  Hood River County’s Environmental Health Department recommends caution when handling food during any power outage.
Attached Document or FileFood Illness Reporting Form.pdf  
Attached Document or FileFill-able Food Borne Illness Reporting Form (*.DOC)  Use this form if you suspect that you have food poisoning
Attached Document or FileFormal Plan Review Process & Procedure  Information for prospective facility operators.
Attached Document or FileThe Licensing & Plan Review Process Algorithm  Flow Chart for formal plan review process.
Attached Document or FileBrochure - Food Service for Non-Profit Groups  Depending on how and where you prepare your food, and who you are serving the food to, will affect what kind of license you must acquire to operate.
Attached Document or FileOregon Health Authority Licensing Program Fee Schedule  Effective 2/1/18
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