Restaurants receive two semi-annual, ‘complete’ inspections each calendar year (excluding seasonal facilities).  ‘Re-check’ inspections will occur whenever it is necessary to verify that significant violations have been corrected.

We have received several requests for information regarding ‘Manager Certification’ courses.  Information regarding available courses is at this link.

Licenses expire on 12/31 of each calendar year.  Renewals for the following calendar year are due by 12/31.  Failure to renew the license on time will result in a late penalty of $100.00.  Another penalty will be applied each calendar month that the license fee is late.  Seasonal facilities are not exempt.  Fees are subject to change.

If you believe that you have food poisoning, compete the ‘Foodborne Illness Form’ and submit it to our office.

Attached Document or FileOregon Health Authority, Foodborne Illness Prevention Program Web-Site  
Attached Document or FileOregon Food Code  Effective 9/4/12.
Attached Document or FileFood Manager Training  
Attached Document or FileContact the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Division  The Food Safety Program monitors Oregon's food in over 10,000 outlets, including bakeries, dairy farms, dairy processors, food processors, beverage processors, grocery stores, delicatessens, food storage warehouses, licensed home kitchens, shellfish and seafood handlers, custom meat, retail meat and mobile slaughter units.
Attached Document or FileFood Safety Posters, Several Languages:  FDA's Oral Culture Learner Project provides materials and methods to help food employees understand the reasons why following proper food safety practices is important to prevent illnesses, deaths, and loss of income and reputation resulting from food-related outbreaks. The materials have been designed for oral culture learners, which research has shown most food employees to be.
Attached Document or FileOregon Department of Agriculture Rules  OAR: 603-025
Attached Document or FileORS 624  Restaurant Statute
Attached Document or FileMultnomah County Health Department: Environmental Health Newsletter  A periodical newsletter designed to keep food service operators up to date current rules and regulations and provide tips and ideas for safer food handling.
Attached Document or FileFood Poisoning History Form, Fillable *.DOC  If you believe that you are sick from food poisoning, please complete and submit this form
Attached Document or FilePlan Review Application (*.PDF)  Print and complete this form. Submit it to our office along with the required fee. Include all requested documents.
Attached Document or FilePlan Review Application (*.DOC)  Complete this fillable form using Microsoft Word®. Print and sign it. Submit it to our office along with the required fee. Include all requested documents.
Attached Document or FileFood Establishment (Restaurant) Pre-Opening Inspection Check List for Operators - *.PDF  Use this check-list to ensure that you are ready to call us for your ‘pre-opening’ inspection. If you do not pass your pre-opening inspection, you may have to pay additional fees prior to opening you new facility to the public.
Attached Document or FileCooling Monitoring Sheet  Use this form to monitor cooling rates in your facility.
Attached Document or FileHow To Clean ‘Food-Contact-Surfaces' - Fact Sheet  The objective of cleaning focuses on the need to remove organic matter from ‘food-contact-surfaces’ so that sanitization can occur and to remove soil from nonfood contact surfaces so that pathogenic microorganisms will not be allowed to accumulate and insects and rodents will not be attracted.
Attached Document or FileOutdoor Barbecuing at Restaurants  Oregon Health Authority Regulatory Guidance
Attached Document or FileContact Information for Naaman Smith, REHS, ODA Food Safety Division  The ODA licenses retail grocery stores, bakeries, meat markets, egg handlers, food processors, food storage warehouses, home kitchens, beverage processors and locker plants.
Attached Document or FileTemplate ‘Time’ Control Policy & Procedure  § 3-501.19 allows a process called ‘Time’ control of potentially-hazardous-foods. The first requirement under rule is written policies and procedures. This document may be used to create a basic written procedure.
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