Sheriff's Department Checking Kingsley Reservoir Staging Area 3-17-17
Sheriff's Department Checking Kingsley Reservoir Staging Area 3-17-17



1. Hood River County motorized trails are open for use. Winter will soon be upon us and riding opportunities will slowly diminish until riders will be snowed-out from trail system access until spring.  Use caution if riding this time of year and expect wet/muddy/icy/snowy conditions!


Special Notices:

a) The HRC Forestry Department requested and the HRC Board of Commissioners approved a temporary seasonal closure of gates on forest roads in the Northwest and Middle Mountain Areas. Gates were closed and locked on Tuesday December 5, 2017. This is an effort to block vehicular traffic and protect the County’s road system during a time of year when it is most vulnerable to damage. Gates will reopen on or about April 1, 2018.

Gate Locations:

  1. On Post Canyon Road (Forest Road #1400) just to the north of Post Flats Staging Area.

  2. On Riordan Hill Road (Forest Road #1000) approximately ¼ mile to the west of Family Man Staging Area.

  3. On Riordan Hill Road (Forest Road #1000) near Binns Hill Road.

  4. A gate on upper Riordan Hill Road (Forest Road #1000) that accesses the Viento Ridge area.

  5. The gate across Forest Road # 2400 (north of Lower Kingsley Reservoir).

  6. The two gates on either end of Gilhouley Road on Middle Mountain.

b) Kingsley Reservoir Staging Area, Campground, and adjacent trails were closed on Tuesday September 5th, 2017. A Reservoir expansion project by Farmers Irrigation District will raise the dam 12 feet and increase the capacity of the reservoir for future irrigation needs in the Hood River Valley. Reservoir expansion work began September 5th, 2017 and will continue through fall 2018. Kingsley Campground closed on September 5th, 2017 with a planned reopening on April 30th, 2019. The existing campground will be flooded by the expanded reservoir and a new campground is planned for the site. For information contact the Hood River County Forestry Department at (541) 387-6888.

2. 2017 Fire Season Recap:

a. Fire Season began on June 7, 2017.

b. Regulated Use Closure began on June 30, 2017 and placed restrictions on motorized off-road use.

c. The Industrial Fire Precaution Level was increased to a 2 on July 5, 2017 and prohibited all motorized off-road use on HRC property except the Northwest Area (Waiver).

d.  The Industrial Fire Precaution Level was increased to a 3 on July 14, 2017 and prohibited all motorized off-road use on HRC property.

e.  The Industrial Fire Precaution Level was reduced to a 2 on September 19, 2017. Motorized off-road use restrictions remained in effect on HRC property.

f.  Northwest Area trails were opened to motorized use on September 22, 2017 due to a Waiver from Oregon Department of Forestry. Motorized use was still prohibited on all   other HRC trails due to fire season and Regulated Use Closure.

g. The Industrial Fire Precaution Level was reduced to a 1 on October 2, 2017. Motorized off-road use restrictions remained in effect on HRC property.

h. Regulated Use Closure was terminated by Oregon Department of Forestry at 12:01am on October 3, 2017. Restrictions on motorized off-road were terminated. Hood River County's Northwest, Middle Mountain, and East Areas were opened to motorized off-road use.

Use caution if recreating anywhere on Hood River County's Tree Farm and stay clear of all timber management activities. Please protect the trail tread as much as possible while riding! Thanks for your cooperation!

Contact the Forestry Department if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions at (541) 387-6888. We value your ideas! 

3. Motorized Vehicle/Operator Requirements: Motorcycles, ATVs, 4x4s, and Side-by-Sides must display a current ATV sticker, have a USFS approved spark arrestor, and have a muffler (silencer) under 99 decibels. As of January 1, 2014 all operators of Class I and III ATVs must have an OPRD ATV Safety Education Card in their possession while riding in designated OHV Areas.

4. Salvage Operations: Salvage Timber Sale operations take place on the County's Tree Farm lands each year. They are conducted to remove downed, diseased, and damaged timber. These operations can potentially affect any trail at any time of the year. Be cautious when riding County trails and be on the lookout for logging personnel and equipment. Stay 300 feet away from all logging operations. Please do not cut any trees on Hood River County property or on any lands without permission from landowners.

5. Kingsley Reservoir Construction (motorized): One additional loop trail (designed for ATV use) is planned for construction to the southwest of the Reservoir. Another ATV designated trail will be constructed to link #196 with #197. Once these are constructed the trail routing of the Northwest Area will be close to completion. These two routes were described as future construction in the HRC Recreation Trail System Master Plan and appear as new future construction on the Northwest Area Off-Highway Vehicle Map Guide. 


1. Landowner Closures: The recreation trails that start at Lower Post Canyon Road are on private property and permission has not been granted for public use. Most of these routes were blocked by forest debris as a result of the late January 2012 winter storm. Some of these trails travel up along Post Canyon Creek and others climb up toward the Mitchell Ridge area. These routes eventually travel onto State of Oregon, USDA Forest Service, and Hood River County lands. If you park along Lower Post Canyon Road please obey the requests of private property owners and use the road for approximately 1.25 miles until you reach the Seven Streams Staging Area. The Staging Area is on State of Oregon property. The Seven Streams Trailhead is adjacent to the Staging Area Kiosk.  


1. Fire Season: Each year recreation trails on Hood River County property close to OHV use due to extreme fire danger. The Oregon Department of Forestry establishes Regulated Use Closure (RUC) on the forest once they determine a certain level of fire danger exists and this prohibits OHV trail use. Generally, RUC is established each year around the first of July. To learn more about fire season, use this site and go to County Departments / Forestry / Recreation Trails / Fire Season.

2. Wildlife Protection: The HRC Forestry Department works closely with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for wildlife protection. Certain trails and roads will be closed to OHV use particularly during the winter months for the protection of critical wintering wildlife habitat. Some of these trails may also be closed to non-motorized uses.

3. Natural Resource Protection: Some trails can be targeted for temporary closure in order to protect natural resources. Trails will be closed during late fall, winter, and early spring each year. It is important for recreation trail use to be reduced or even eliminated during periods of high precipitation in order to prevent damage to susceptible trail tread. Trails will be re-opened when soil moistures are once again reduced to acceptable levels. Closures for natural resource protection will be in addition to those for wildlife protection.

4. Harvest Operations (Logging): The primary purpose of HRC forests is for the production and sale of timber. Trails that are adjacent to or within timber harvest units will be temporarily closed prior to the commencement of harvest operations. Once logging is complete, trails are usually re-opened or re-routed but in some cases may be closed.

5. Additional Forest Management Operations: Recreation trails are sometimes temporarily closed during additional forest management operations. Operations such as the burning of slash, herbicide application, and the planting of seedlings, will necessitate trail closures. Trails are re-opened once operations are complete.

Note: Specific locations of trails affected by closures can be determined by reading the updated descriptions found at this site and then by studying the Hood River County Forestry Department Northwest Area Off-Highway Vehicle Map Guide. The guide is free to the public and is available at the Forestry Department, some local businesses, and at OHV staging area kiosks. It can be viewed and printed from this website by going to; County Departments/Forestry/Maps, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on NW Area Off-Highway Vehicle Map. Be patient because the map takes time to load!  







Attached Document or FileODF Current Fire Levels  Current ODF fire levels can be found at this link. Hood River County is in the Central Oregon District. Areas West of Hwy 35 (NW OHV & Middle Mtn) are MH-4, areas East of Hwy 35 ( Pine Mont Loop) are MH-1.
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