Fire season usually begins in mid to late June each year and typically ends sometime in October. Check the ODF Status at link below, before riding during the late Spring & Summer months.

-Fire Danger Closes Trails: Each year recreation trails on Hood River County (HRC) property are closed to  off-highway vehicle (OHV) use due to extreme fire danger. ODF establishes Regulated Use Closure (RUC) once they determine a certain level of fire danger exists and this prohibits OHV trail use. Generally, RUC is established each year around  the middle of July.

-Waiver: 2014 is the fifth consecutive year ODF granted a Partial Waiver of Regulated Use Closure Restrictions on Hood River County property in Use Zone MH-4. This waiver only affects the Northwest (NW) Area Trail System and allows OHV use for certain periods during the closure. Middle Mountain (Gilhouley Road) trails remain closed and East Area (Fir Mountain Road, Pinemont Road, Pinemont Loop) trails remain closed to motorized use. ODF uses Industrial Fire Precaution Levels (IFPL) as a guide to help determine when it is safe to allow OHV use on the trails. The waiver is only in effect during periods when the IFPL is at 1 or 2. The trails are closed to OHV use once IFPL 3 or higher is reached or as otherwise required by ODF. The NW Area Trail System lies within Use Zone MH-4 and is the only area on HRC property that is affected by the waiver. All other OHV Areas on HRC property are closed once Regulated Use Closure goes into effect.

-Get permission from landowners before recreating on their property.

-Your bike or ATV must have an ATV sticker and a spark arrestor, and as of January 1, 2013 operators 60 years of age and younger must have an OPRD ATV Safety Education Card.


  • Hood River County Forestry Department: (541) 387-6888
  • Oregon Department of Forestry: (541) 296-4626
Attached Document or FileODF Fire Level  Current ODF fire levels can be found at this link. Hood River County is in the Central Oregon District. Areas West of Hwy 35 (NW OHV & Middle Mtn) are MH-4, areas East of Hwy 35 (Pine Mont Loop) are MH-1.
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