Hood River County Home Rule Charter


 Hood River County Charter

The voters of Hood River County revised the County Charter in 2008. The Charter Review Committee consisted of: Ron Rivers, Will Carey, Jean Mclean, Paul Cummings, Paul Blackburn, Bill Pattison, Teunis Wyers, Ron Guth, Wally Eakin, Jason Shaner and Bob Benton. 

Oregon Law Chapter 203.710 provides for two types of county government: general law and "home rule" counties.  Hood River County has chosen home rule as its form of local government.  This option provides for an administrative style of government and elects a Sheriff, Commissioners, a District Attorney, a Justice of the Peace and a Chair of the Board of Commissioners.  

Hood River County Administrative Code prescribes procedures and systems of operation and management of all offices, departments ad institutions of the County, both elective and appointive; ad shall prescribe the powers and duties of the Board of Commissioners and County Departments.     

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