1)    Introduction:

       -    Hood River County (HRC) has a Trail Adoption Program. The goal of the program is for 100%
            of trails to be adopted. All HRC recreation trails are eligible for adoption and many have
            adopters at this time.

       -    The trail system is always in need of additional adopters. Most of the County's non-motorized
             trails have been adopted but currently there are quite a few motorized trails that still need 

       -    HRC encourages individuals to find a trail that they love and then volunteer to become the
            adopter. Contact the HRC Forestry Department at: (541) 387-6888 to become a trail adopter.

2)  Overview of the Adoption Program:

       -    Trail adopters and HRC enter into a partnership that allows for the coordination of trail-related

       -    Adopters are allowed to perform routine trail maintenance tasks without notifying HRC.
            Anything other than routine maintenance requires coordination with Forestry.
       -    Adopters notify the Forestry Department of any changes in trail status. Has the trail
            been severely damaged? Are there safety concerns? Does the trail need major repair or
            reroute? Should the trail be temporarily closed? Are there any signage needs?
       -    Adopters provide ideas to the Forestry Department and sometimes the Trail Committee
            about how the trail or trail system can be improved.
       -    Adopters sometimes hold volunteer work parties. Volunteer hours provide in-kind match
            needed for grants.   
       -    HRC trails are used for various events. Event organizers work with trail adopters to coordinate
            use of their trails and to discuss needs for maintenance, repair, work parties, etc.

3)  Tools:

       -    It is recommended that adopters own a personal set of basic trail maintenance tools. It is
            possible to check-out tools from the Forestry Department for maintaining trails and to satisfy
            work party needs.

4)  Questions:

        -   Contact the HRC Forestry Department at: (541) 387-6888.

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