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Oregon law requires all food handlers successfully complete a food handler-training program within 30 days after their hire. Pursuant to Hood River County's Food Ordinance, food workers who do not have  a valid  Oregon food handler card may be fined up to $500.00.

 Food Handler Certification Classes can be taken Online, and are given the second Wednesday of February, April, June & October, or by appointment:

Hood River County Health Department

1109 June Street

3:00 PM

The cost for a card online or in person is $10.00

The classes are one and half-hours long with a 20-question test at the end of the class. Oregon food handler cards are valid for three years.  All employees should  keep their original card and provide a copy to their employer. Employers must either post copies or place a copy in the employee's files. Cards issued in Washington or another state are not valid in Oregon.


La Clase en Español se impartirá el primer Jueves de Febrero, Abril, Junio, Agosto, Octubre y Diciembre a las 3:00 PM en:
Departamento de Salud, 1109 June Street


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