Hood River County Well Monitoring Network

As part of understanding the groundwater resources in Hood River County, the Water Planning Group is developing a Well Monitoring Program.  From 2009 to 2012, the Oregon Water Resources Department  (OWRD) monitored groundwater levels in 14 wells in Hood River County.  From January 2013 to March 2014, Hood River County worked to recruit an additional 45 wells into the monitoring network.  

Links to more information about the program and wells in Hood River County are provided below.

Link to Groundwater Level Data:  CLICK here to view the map of wells OWRD is currently measuring in Hood River County as well as the water level data they have collected.


Link to Well Logs: CLICK here to search for well logs  that provide information about  a well when it was originally drilled in Hood River County as well as other counties in the state of Oregon.


Supporting Documents and Data: CLICK here to find more information about the County's groundwater monitoring network and groundwater resources.

Attached Document or FileHood River Well Monitoring Network Report  A report documenting the County's and OWRD's efforts in expanding the Hood River County Well Monitoring Network
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